About AGT


Advanced Technology Group, Inc. (ATG) is a leading West Coast-based architectural and design-build mechanical construction firm founded in 1989, servicing the greater Northwest, Southwest, and New York. ATG offers construction services to the following major industries: microelectronics, pharmaceutical/biotech, medical/healthcare, photovoltaic/solar, and general commercial.

ATG's mission is to provide the most innovative service to its customers before they ask for it. ATG is proud of its reputation of being a dedicated contractor that is committed to the successful completion of the projects that it undertakes. The quality and integrity of the work performed by ATG is embodied by our entire staff, from ATG's senior management through our field personnel. A key component of ATG is found in our culture of responsiveness and ownership, which in turn creates innovation, cost savings, quality improvements, safe environments and superior performance.

ATG provides architectural and design-assist mechanical services. Combining these services allows for a cost effective method of construction.

Safety is the core value of ATG; it is our employee's at work, at home, and at play.


Due to the proprietary nature of our projects we are unable to publish a listing of our clients. If you would like to learn more about who ATG's works with please contact us at info@atgweb.com. We can send you the information to view the list from our site.

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